Led Copper Base PCB

Shenzhen Hejin Circuit Co.,Ltd is a leading led copper base PCB exporter, and one of the leading China led copper base PCB manufacturers, producers and suppliers.

We export high-quality products, and we are professional at led copper base PCB assembly and OEM. projector, Thermal conductivity:…


  • Thermal conductivity: 398W/M-K
  • Board Thickness: 1.6MM
  • Copper Thickness: 70UM
  • Base Material: Copper base
  • Surface Finishing: ENIG
  • Solder mask color: Black


(Hole Size)
(Drilling hole size)
0.6-6.0 mm
(FG hole size)
0.6-6.0 mm
(Hole tolerance)
±0.075 mm
(Tolerance of hole position)
(Aspect ratio)
(Min solder bridge)
4 mil
(Tolerance of outline dimension)
(Length): 1200mm
(Max board size)
(Width): 300mm
(Impedance tolerance)
(Heat conductivity)
(Low heat conductivity)
(Wid heat conductivity)
(High heat conductivity)
(Peel strength)
≥1.8 N/mm
(Surface resistance)
(Volume Resistivity)
(Breakdown voltage)
(The solder resistance)
(260℃,10min,no delamination no blister)
(Dielectric constant)
≤ 4.4
(Dielectric power factor)


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