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making printed circuit boards TG 170 Printed Circuit Board

TG 170 Printed Circuit Board
Product Details:

Shenzhen Hejin Circuit Co.,Ltd is a leading tg 170 printed circuit board exporter, and one of the leading China tg 170 printed circuit board manufacturers, producers and suppliers. We export high quality products, and we are professional at tg 170 printed circuit board assembly and oem.

Layer Count:4L                            Board Thickness:1.6MM

Copper Thickness: 35UM

Base Material:FR4 TG170

Surface Finishing: Immersion gold

Solder Mask Color: Green                     UL approved,RoHS compliant

(Hole Size)
(Drilling hole size)
0.6-6.0 mm
(FG hole size)
0.6-6.0 mm
(Hole tolerance)
±0.075 mm
(Tolerance of hole position)
(Aspect ratio)
(Min solder bridge)
4 mil
(Tolerance of outline dimension)
(Length): 1200mm
(Max board size)
(Width): 300mm
(Impedance tolerance)
(Heat conductivity)
(Low heat conductivity)
(Wid heat conductivity)
(High heat conductivity)
(Peel strength)
≥1.8 N/mm
(Surface resistance)
(Volume resistrivity)
(Breakdown voltage)
(The solder resistance)
(260℃,10min,no delamination no blister)
(Dielectric constant)
≤ 4.4
(Dielectric power factor)
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